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The First “Hengda Hotel Cup Greatest Chefs of China” Rounded Off

Chengdu     Release Time :2015-05-19Times of View :1213

    The first “Hengda Hotel Cup: Greatest Chefs of China” was rounded off on 14th October, 2014 after 3-days intense competition. This competition, held by Hengda Hotels & Resorts at Chengdu Jintang Hengda Hotel, gained extensive attention of the society from its preparation phase. At that evening, the award dinner in Grand Ball Room attracted live reports of several media including Sina Sichuan, Chengdu Commercial Daily, CEInet and Jintang Television.


It was reported that chef teams from all hotels of Hengda Hotels & Resorts in Qingyuan, Chongqing, Zengcheng, Jixian, Jintang, Pengshan, Wuhan, Evergrande Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant and Da San Yuan Restaurant, had taken part in the competition and finally, Wendeng Li, the executive chef of Zengcheng Hengda Hotel took the crown of “Master Chef”. Later in the interview, Li said, “Firstly, I would like to express great appreciate to Hengda Hotels & Resorts for giving us such a good platform on which we can learn from and communicate with each other about culinary skills. Then I want to thank Chengdu Jintang Hengda Hotel for great help and support during the 3 days, especially for the elaborate and creative folk cultural themed tea breaks, which were so amazing! I hope that this competition will be a good start and its spirit will continually drive all chefs to make breakthrough in F&B industry, and reach the peak of our life.”

    The reporters knew that the team gold, silver and bronze medals were won respectively by Zengcheng Hengda Hotel, Chengdu Pengshan Hengda Hotel and Evergrande Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant, while the individual gold, silver and bronze medals were won by Chengdu Jintang Hengda Hotel, Zengcheng Hengda Hotel and Chengdu Pengshan Hengda Hotel. Team gold dishes were Goose with Soy Sauce Packed in Lotus Leaves, Ginseng Soup and Signature Crabs. The individual gold medal went to Guolin Wang, the executive chef of Chengdu Jintang Hengda Hotel, with his awarded dish “Bamboo Charcoal Braised Sea Cucumber”. All awarded dishes would have a chance to be included in the menus of Hengda Hotel so that the guests could enjoy the most delicious food in ordinary days. 

    It was said that this competition was also regarded as an opportunity to share the industry experience. Hengda Hotel Group specially invited international senior experts to share the opinions about new style of Cantonese cuisine, application of food material as well as molecular gastronomy, bringing the food creativity of local chefs in line with the international level and improving the additional value of the cuisine at the same time. Definitely, the successful competition contributed to improve the chef teams in respects of management, virtue and skill, to make every customer live in the Hengda-style green healthy life, to guide the hotel F&B industry to a fresh trend, and most importantly, to develop more backup talents for the future!